A one day workshop in the Veneto terroir
Today the Veneto region is the most productive wine area in the whole country, with four top appellation wines in terms of volume, 27 officially recognized Doc and 14 Docg zones where vineyards are a constant feature of the Region landscape. This is the reason why our Veneto wine tours are held in some representative areas, retracing the subtle play between soil, sun and vine that brings out the diverse expressions of Prosecco, Garganega or Corvina grapes.

Wineries have been carefully selected not only for the quality of the wines produced but also for the preservation of the scenery, the history of the family, the way traditions evolved, and how the past continues to shape the present.  Your expert will also give you an overview of the issues regarding the current wine business, and show you the way winemakers are facing the world challenges by producing typical wines, without forcing the true nature of the original grapes.  You will learn from insiders and take a walk through the vineyards, weather permitting, in order to experience what "family traditions" really mean. 

Rather than a formal educational tour, treat yourself to an interactive workshop, it will be worthy!

Here are our itineraries by private transportation:
* The Grand Tour of Valpolicella
* The gems of Soave wine trail
* Best “Crus” in Verona: Valpolicella and Soave
* Sparkling Prosecco! The delis of wine and cheese in the Treviso area

By public transportation:
* Wine, savoury food and charme in the Breganze area
* Valpolicella and Soave wines in a single estate

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