about us
I am a freelance Art Historian and graduated from Ca' Foscari University in Venice.

My constant interest in painting and architecture and my trips throughout Europe and the main wine countries increased my belief in the interaction between visual arts and material culture. Throughout history, Christianity has affected both the way food and wine conveyed symbolic meanings and rules concerning food to be observed during the year. Therefore a wine tasting is not only a pleasant way to improve your sensory skills, but also a cultural experience, a different approach to a whole civilization.

Since 1992, I've been a tour guide of Venice and the Veneto Region, and in 2007 I became a certified Sommelier. In recent years, I attended workshops that helped me expand the repertoire of my palate and my knowledge of specific subjects, such as "The nose and the palate of the Sommelier", "Pairing wine with food" as arranged by the National Sommelier Association.

As a member of Slow Food Association, I joined the two-grade course "Master of Cheese", and last year I passed the test for the qualification of Cheese Taster, released by Onaf, the National Association of Cheese Tasters.