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    July 2008
    National Geographic
    "In 1459 the powerful bankers who lived near the Rialto market complained to the governement about the stinking air and the screaming fishmongers", said Sara Cossiga, sommelier and gourmet organizer "The fish market moved to the other side of the bridge".
    December 2007
    Italy Magazine
    “Veneto Gourmet... is run by the delightful and insightful Sara Cossiga, an art'll learn about the burstling markets and some very interesting historical secrets... The Company also runs wonderful cooking classes in private homes that will leave you wanting more.”
    Gourmet's activities and food suggestions were mentioned in "All Things Italian", broadcast on october 27th, 2007 at "Join Us at the Table" , a Radio Station based in Miami Florida.
  • February - March - April 2007
    "Sara Cossiga gives gourmet tours of Venice that explore the way in which the city's history has shaped its culinary landscape. Learn about the influence of the turks in Venice, fish and fishermen in Venetian history, and food in Venetian art…..”
  • November 2006
    Sara Cossiga,a passionate advocate of Venetian cookery, runs gourmet walking tours of the city
  • May 21st, 2006
    Anthony Capella in "The Indipendent"
    " equally happy to arrange a cooking lesson in a palazzo, based on the aphrodisiacs with which Casanova seduced his conquests, or to accompany you on a giro di ombra, a tour round the ancient wine bars known as bacari.…..” 
  • May 2005
    "Bon Appetit"
    Best lesson from a star chef...the co-host is sommelier Sara Cossiga, so you can bet on a fantastic wine pairings with your creations
  • April-May 2004
    "Cara", Aerlingus Magazine
    In 2004 Sara was hired by the BBC to develop a section of the TV programme 'Journeys from the Centre of the Eart', focussed on the Salt Trade and the Spice Routes in the Mediterranean. A Medieval style meal was prepared in a private Palazzo and the BBC team did lots of shootings which were broadcast later.”  "...going for an informed walk, such as Gourmet Walking Tours ( you’ll get a good idea of the sweep Venetian history, while at the sometime learning some curiously fascinating food facts...
  • April - May 2004
    Islands magazine
    Sara Cossiga, a professional wine taster and art historian, knows the best bacari and regional wines, and her three hour "edible history" tours let you sample the city's best.
  • July 2004
    "The Independent", Weekly Supplement "A taste of Italy"
    Sara   Cossiga... also arranges day-long tours to food producers in the Veneto region, and half-day cooking classes featuring traditional local dishes are held in a beautiful palazzo apartment near Rialto
  • November 2004
    Programme BBC "Journeys from the Centre of the Earth"
    Sara was interviewed by a BBC journalist in the programme “Journeys from the Centre of the Earth” about the Medieval salt and spice trade in the Mediterranean Sea, broadcast in November 2004.
  • 2004
    Jenni Muir
    A place to cook. Inspiring cookery courses around the world", Conran Octopus
    Venice Gourmet is one of the three Cookery courses selected by Jenni in Italy.
  • 2004
    "Elle Eten", Dutch Edition, n.4,
    Food and wine edition of Elle magazine, article about VeniceVenetoGourmet tours.