Sustainable Tourism and Agriculture in Venice Lagoon
In 2002 the city Council approved the Northern Venice Lagoon project, which aimed at preserving a unique natural and historical heritage, such as the symbiosis of water and land, the indigenous agricoltural produce, the native fish spiecies and fishing techniques, the wine and culinary local traditions.

From the start Venice Gourmet has strongly believed in a sustainable tourism, that meets the needs of present tourists and natives, and has constantly looked for partnerships able to share the same approach. With their help, we developed two Gourmet Lagoon tours, focused on the islands of Burano and St.Erasmo. Each itinerary is based on a slow paced experience, which requires a direct interaction with fishermen, "lagoon farmers", local chefs, wine producers who love their job and are committed in supporting traditional economy and a peculiar lifestyle.

Besides the stereotypes and commonplaces of the tourist brochures, you will discover a dynamic local community sharing with you their own enthusiasm.

Apply for further information!Suggested number of participants: minimum 2 - maximum 11 people.

Due to weather conditions, the Burano tour is available from March 15th to July 20th and from early September to October 30th.

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