Italian cheese tasting
Cheese is definitely the oldest way of preserving milk and is a natural and nutritious food.  Like wine, Italy boasts a wide range of cheeses, over 450, and in the last decades 52 of them have been granted a protected status by the European Community. Some of them are world-famous, like the Pecorino which dates back to ancient times, when cheese was made in many parts of the then flourishing Roman Empire. 

In the Veneto, the region where Venice is located, cheese production pre-dates the Romans. For example, in the 2nd century BC there is evidence of the Burlina race, a small dairy cow introduced to Northern Italy by a German tribe. While 1st century AC Roman naturalist, Plinio il Vecchio, mentioned the white and soft fleece of dairy sheep in the Vicenza countryside, which proves that cheese already had its own place in the food culture.

During the Middle Ages the techniques and the variety of cheeses were improved by monks in monasteries scattered throughout Europe. Just to mention Gorgonzola--the creamy and tangy bleu cheese--dates back to 879 AD and was regularly produced as early as the 10th century. Italy became the cheese making center of Europe.

This solid, concentrated form of milk, needs to be smelled, tasted and…. handled, squeezed, and snapped to be fully appreciated. Your fingers are just as helpful as your other senses! Our expert will guide you through your cheese tasting, skillfully pairing it with the appropriate wine, guaranteeing an experience to give you an insight into the complex world of cheese.

Tasting highlights
- it is held preferably in the afternoon at h.5,30 - 7,30 pm
- the session is private and takes place in a traditional wine bar
- you will taste three glasses of wines paired with four types of Italian cheese

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