Glass Delis at Ca' Pesaro Museum
The Museum of Oriental Art housed in Ca’ Pesaro is pleased to display the works of Fujiko Enami and Ushio Konishi, two Japanese glass masters based in a fishing town near Tokyo.
The exhibit is also a tribute to the use of Murrina and the “glass strands” called “millefiori” in Murano, used on the island since the Renaissance age. These techniques are applied to works of Japanese style and traditions, like blown pots for tea ceremony, tea bowls for tea powder, tea ladles, and little glasses resulting from rods of different colors with patterned sections, which appear when cut crosswise.
Among the best pieces, don’t miss the “fruit and vegetable” pieces, which reproduce real and imaginary natural forms in different colors and textures.
You will be amazed too by a tulip shaped vase was with a brown lid, used as a container for the tea ceremony. It is made of murrine with different subjects like tomatoes, eggplants, pumpkins, onions and basil leaves. They are set in overlapped rows so that each tile glows in order to match the other ones, looking like a patchwork.
The work of both glass masters have become part of private and public collections, in Japan, United States, Switzerland : we hope that the Venice exhibition will be a source of inspiration and the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with our city.
Museo d’Arte Orientale di Venezia, September 19th – November 29th 2015 Opening hours : h.10-17, closed on Mondays