Lòcal and “Locàl… a pun for good food!
Passed the Greek orthodox church of St.George, you come across “Local”, run by the brothers Benedetta and Luca Follin.
A few key words can describe this restaurant, strictly connected to the Lagoon and the islands where crops are grown: seasonal and local produce used for creative dishes, combined with some simple and quite traditional ones, such as…. Octopus with green beans and ginger potatoes,  Eel with cherry plum and corn meal,  Goat cacioricotta cheese with tomato nand basil, Risotto with gò –unforgettable!-
For each course you can opt among three fish based dishes, a red and a white meat dish, not to discontent those who are not crazy for the sea products.
The kitchen is just on the right of the entrance, and it is worthy a look. Price is medium-high, portions might be a bit bigger….above all after a light lunch! Castello 3303, opening hours h.11,30-15 and 18,30-22,45 Closed on Tuesdays and on Wednesday at lunch