Fish and Corn meal…. to go!
February 9th, 2014,
In the last years true Venetians have missed the family based "fritoini", a deep fry place where poople could grab a cone-shaped bunch of fried fish, combined with a slice of yellow corn meal.... a few weeks ago Alvise Tiozzo and his father opened "Acqua & Mais", water and corn, at Campiello dei Meloni, a few steps away from the Rialto market. Based on the idea of street food, this place has neither chairs no tables, just a long ledge behing a large glass windows, with all sorts of fried seasonal vegetables, fish, seafood, shellfish and some baked specialities like "Lasagne with Broccoli", then "Venetian style whipped cod", "Caponatina di verdure" -sweet&sour mixed vegetables-, or "Meat balls in tomatoe sauce", and much more.
You musr begin with the "fish&corn" paper cone, crispy and hot, mentioned over the centuries by travelers and  adventurers, like Giacomo Casanova!   
Good selection of soft drinks, beers and a few locally produced wines.
Go now and enjoy!
Campiello dei Meloni, #1411-1412
Opening hours: h.9,30 am-7,30 pm Tuesdays through Sundays