A Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant in Venice
April 15th, 2013,
Vegetarians and vegans are not welcome in Venice, and it's hard for them to find a good place. For this reason I'd like to point out La Zucca, located in Santa Croce district, near the Campo San Giacomo de l'Orio. Most of the tables are indoor, totally furnished in wooden planks, with a view on a quiet canal where gondolas pass by from time to time. La Zucca offers also meat and fish based dishes, however the selection of vegetable ones is wide and above all, so tasty! Seasonal ingredients are combined with spices, yogurt, fresh aromatic herbs, fruit, according to the creativity and the experience of Laura, the chef in charge. Just to mention a few: pumpkin flan, timbale of asparagus, vegetable lasagna, carrots with lime and ginger, and as dessert, limoncello mousse.
Fair price, Veneto housewine, attentive and helpful staff... treat yourself! 
Santa Croce n.1762, Tel. 041-5241570, closed on Sundays