The flavours of history When natural products are put together to create a dish or when a grape is selected, the choice of ingredients and the way they are combined, processed, and tasted depend on your identity, your past, your lifestyle, and your social status.

Major historical events are not separated from many other "lesser stories" concerning material life and the history of agriculture. Food and wine had their own turning points in history, which profoundly affected the evolution of everyday life, like a new start, a revolution in the way people experienced reality.

As a gourmet story teller, my goal is to offer you new insights into wine and food processes and the people who operate in harmony with the land and the natural environment around them.
You will experience EDIBLE HISTORY - a sensory approach to interpreting all of these things - and realize how much more satisfying and meaningful food can be when it feeds your mind, too!
Take a chance, you won't be disappointed...